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Kristina Woida

01. Style

How I Coach:

My unique coaching style is derived from my unique life experiences (read about my journey below), perspectives, lessons, healing, growth, knowledge, as well as, my connection to my inner-wisdom (intuition) and universal wisdom.

I hold safe, loving, non-judgmental space for you to be able to tap into the vulnerability necessary for deep inner transformation. Though I take my work seriously, I approach it with levity and believe laughter is medicine. That said, I am a no-nonsense, roll up your sleeves and get to work kind of coach. I have a forthright communication style and a high degree of transparency. I leave no room for assumptions or guesswork to ensure we are always on the same page.

I will hold you accountable at the level that is needed for your unique self and situation. I provide tools, techniques, and will help you develop positive habits that will accelerate your growth, both personally and professionally.

Together, we will work to heal your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, and your relationship with that which is greater than each of us.

I believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself because I know that you are a divine being with innate worth and purpose.

02. Purpose

Why I Do This Work:

There are two main reasons why I do the work I do. First, I have deep awe, reverence, respect, and love for our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants. I attended grad school for Environmental Advocacy and Organizing where I realized: The planet is in pain because the humans are in pain. We need to heal the humans in order to heal the planet.

The way we treat the planet is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves and the health of the planet is a direct reflection of the health of ourselves. Being raised in a traumatized society (the symptoms are everywhere: high rates of depression, anxiety and suicide, mass shootings, racism, sexism, homophobia, body-dysmorphia and eating disorders, rape, income inequality, high levels of substance abuse, rampant mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, etc.) inevitably leads to personal trauma.

Second, I am committed to helping end the cycles of trauma. Emotional wounds and traumas are generational, passed down from parent to child.

When we come home to ourselves, we stand in our power, in our truth. We no longer judge ourselves and in turn, we no longer judge others. We discover self-compassion and self-love and in turn, we discover we have the capacity to have compassion and love for others.

These traumas and misguided belief systems lead us to separate from and lose sight of our genuine, divine selves.

03. Journey

How I Got Here:

I have spent 20 years studying trauma recovery, personal development, meditation, prayer, neuroscience, yoga, yogic philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, qigong, massage, energy healing, mindset, habits, and transformational coaching techniques before embarking on a career as a transformational life coach.

I now know in every cell of my body that our worth is innate to our being. I now know in every cell of my body that we are god made manifest and we are here to do divine work.

But I didn’t always know this. As a child, I experienced self-punishment and bouts of depression. I was raised by a step-father who was mentally and emotionally abusive as well as my truly loving mother, who knew it was happening but did nothing to stop it. I was punished harshly for minor indiscretions, I was labeled stupid, selfish, manipulative, and told I would never amount to anything. I was often ignored and it was made clear to me every day that I was disliked, if not hated by my father-figure and that I was unable to rely on my mother for protection.

As I entered into my teens, the depression grew deeper and more pervasive. I began to believe I was a bad person and didn’t deserve to be happy or loved. I attempted suicide on multiple occasions; the last attempt being at age 19. I started seeing a psychiatrist for medications and a psychologist for talk therapy, but neither really worked for me. A few years later, a life coach and healer came into my life. I worked with my coach for a year and a half. In that time, I experienced a complete shift in the way I viewed myself, the world, and my place in the universe. This work quite literally saved my life.

The deep inner-work and healing I did with my life coach put me on a trajectory of self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-compassion and ultimately self-love. I knew then that I wanted to help others heal from the old emotional wounds and traumas that are keeping them down and holding them back. Being in my 20s, however, I didn’t feel quite ready. That’s why I’ve spent the last 20 years pursuing, studying, and practicing healing modalities that I now use with my clients.

Something shifted for me: it wasn't that I wanted to die, it was that I wanted the pain to end and I didn't know how to make that happen - I didn't know how to heal the emotional wounds that had damaged my psyche.

04. Belief

What I Believe:

I truly believe that every one of us is here to do divine work. I believe there never has been (nor ever will be) anyone just like you. Only you can bring into this world your unique gifts and that is what you’re here to do.

I believe the only thing we ever get to be in control of in this lifetime is ourselves. In light of this truth, it behooves us to practice self-awareness in order to gain self-knowledge and ultimately self-mastery. I believe we can heal from past emotional wounds that are holding us back and move from merely surviving in life to thriving.

I believe we have the ability to choose which thoughts we engage. We must choose empowering, helpful thoughts that move us forward instead of ones that hold us back.

I believe we have to practice in order to become. We have been raised in a highly traumatized society. It is our job to deprogram our minds from the often painful and distorted familial, cultural, and societal conditioning we receive in childhood. As adults, it is our job to nurture ourselves and shift from an inner-critic to an inner-nurturer. We must discover and discard the false, limiting beliefs that have been conditioned into our subconscious during childhood and replace them with the truth – that we are innately worthy, enough, important, capable and deserving of all we desire.

I believe in myself and my purpose and I believe in you and your purpose. We are meant to be here and we are meant to shine our own unique light into the world.

Progress is greater than perfection and taking action is the key to progress.

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