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Before You Can Create New Healthy Habits, You MUST Take This First Crucial Step!

Humans are meant to evolve throughout their life, and one of the healthiest ways you can do this is by creating new habits that are more in line with the leader, entrepreneur, or goal-oriented person you want to become.

But, just as a snake sheds its worn-out skin to grow, you must first break the habits that no longer suit you.

Start by bringing awareness to those old habits – consciously catch yourself in the act of doing them because the nature of a habit is that they operate on autopilot.

Once you have caught yourself in the act, whether you’re about to negatively judge someone, self-sabotage, or eating while bored or stressed, become aware of what triggers that habitual behavior or choice. Often, it’s an emotional reaction to an outside event.

There can be multiple triggers, so identify as many as you can.

When you know the trigger, you have a better chance of making a different decision than you have in the past – a choice that is healthy and not habitual.

Your power to create change lies in the space between trigger and choice.

When you find yourself in that space, use this little tool:

Count backward from 5.

Five, four, three, two, one: MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE.

From there, it’s just practice, Practice, PRACTICE. Build those new neural networks! Create a new default habit/behavior.

You have the power to create your life. Take life up on this offer!

For more information on cultivating positive habits, click here.

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