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Cultivating Positive Habits & The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Similar to my previous blog post about the first law of thermodynamics, there are probably a few of you wondering, “What exactly is the 2nd law of thermodynamics?”

In layman’s terms, the second law states:

Energy is bound to entropy. Entropy explains that the nature of energy is to move towards disorder, dispersal, “chaos.” You know, like how your house will alway move towards being messy, but never spontaneously puts itself back in order.

So, what does this have to do with you cultivating positive habits? 

First and foremost, be easy with yourself when you find you’ve stopped practicing your new habit. It is the nature of your energy to move toward disorder. You have to actively put forth effort to maintain order in your life, including your new habits. It’s not your fault that at the beginning, practicing new habits happens in fits and starts – you are bound by the law of entropy just like everything else in the universe.

So, what do we do about being bound to entropy?

The answer is simple, but not always easy. Once we notice that we have fallen off from practicing a new, positive habit, you simply START AGAIN! Accepting the fact that you will inevitably need to Start Again, over and over again in life is key. It is 100% natural, normal, and human to struggle with cultivating and maintaining new, positive habits in our life. Don’t let that stop you from doing it. With persistence and patience, all you have to do is simply Start Again. Eventually your new habit will become your default mode and you won’t have to work so hard to maintain it. Keep starting again! You got this!

If you would like help with cultivating new, empowering habits in your life, please reach out! I offer a free 90-minute life coaching session to all new clients. I am here to help you live the life you desire.

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