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Stressed Out? Hit Reset With This ‘Eye of the Storm’ Exercise

We have a saying in America, “a train of thought.” To this point, I want you to pretend your thoughts are like trains and your brain is like Grand Central Station. We habitually ride the same negative trains (habitual negative thought patterns) which bring us to familiar and shitty destinations (anxiety, depression, worthlessness, etc.). But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Though we can’t control which thoughts we have, we can control which thoughts we engage with.

When you find that you have ridden a negative train to a negative destination, STOP! Get your awareness off that train and drop it into your body.

In these moments, you must take time to reset.

The tool I’m about to share with you is also super helpful when you need to transition from one task to the next throughout the day.

You can do this reset as often as you need to remember that you are not your thoughts, emotions, or life situations.

This practice can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, and it will guide you back to the grounded, centered, calm and powerful version of yourself.

Are you ready to try it?

Begin seated. Take three deep breaths in through your nose, then sigh out your mouth.

On the inhale, imagine the fresh, new, light-filled, life-source energy filling your body.

On the exhale, release the old, spent energy that is no longer serving you.

After three deep breaths, condense your conscious awareness, which is likely running amok up in your thoughts.

Visualize it condensing like water vapor into raindrops in a cloud. Condense your awareness/attention into a beautiful, heavy, crystal paperweight. Then let this crystal weight of awareness sink slowly down into your body.

Start at the top of your head, and let it continue to slowly sink down until it lands in your pelvic bowl – that beautiful little triangle between your pubic bone and your two sitz bones. This becomes your anchored connection to the earth and its abundant energy and support.

Let it ground, calm and center you.

Then, spread the awareness up to the movement of your breath, from your belly and ribs to your chest and nostrils.

Imagine all of your thoughts, emotions, responsibilities, worries, and stress swirl around you like a cyclone. You are the eye of the storm in the center of it all: calm, centered, grounded, powerful and in charge. You are the deeply connected conduit between earth and sky at this moment.

If your awareness gets caught up and lost in the swirling storm, gently release the thought you’re attached to and come back to center.

Continue this until you feel grounded, centered, powerful, and peaceful again.

If you prefer audible assistance along the way, tune into my 10-minute guided Eye of Storm meditation next time you’re feeling trapped on a thought train. It’s easier to heal when you have a life coach in your corner! Sending love your way!

Need help managing your thought trains? Let’s connect with a FREE 90—minute Jump Start Session to yodur healing.

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