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Want to Achieve your Goals? Stop Being an Asshole to Yourself

The way we speak to ourselves is essential. We as humans tend to judge, and we all have an internal critic. How harsh is yours? If you’re constantly putting yourself down, you’re leaving no room to grow authentically.

Here’s an easy way to determine if you’re judging yourself too harshly:

Would you ever speak to someone else—a friend, family member, or child—the way you address yourself? If the answer is no, then you need to reframe your inner dialogue stat.

Until you learn to speak to yourself kindly, most of what you say may either be mean, hurtful, exaggerated, downright untrue or not at all helpful.

Being an asshole to yourself is not the way to attain your goals and become the best version of yourself. The side effects of self-doubt and low self-esteem will only hold you back.

Yes, sometimes you need to be stern to hold yourself accountable, but there is a way to do it lovingly.

Start by bidding farewell to your inner critic and cultivating your inner nurturer. 

First, think of how you would critique a child or dear friend. You would do it gently, with their best interest at heart, right? You would never call them names or put them down. Instead, you would carefully coach them through their rough patches.

You already know how to do this with others. It’s time to start doing it with yourself. Your subconscious is always listening and trying to achieve what you say. So, if you tell yourself, “you’re stupid and not worthy,” your brain will continue to affirm that sentiment.

Let talking kindly to yourself become a daily practice.

Ask yourself what you need and be caring and encouraging. Nurture your growth the same way you would nurture a loved one because you are a loved one.

You achieve great things in life by first believing you’re deserving of them.

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