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Want to Find Inner Peace? Let the Power of Meditation and Prayer Change Your Life

Meditation and prayer are key to leading a fulfilling, aligned, and connected life.

I highly suggest you make it a daily practice, reserving, at least, 2 minutes (start small and build from there) per day for this intuitive reflection. It’s one of the healthiest habits you can adopt.

What happens during this time is up to you.

I believe meditation practice should be unique to the individual. You can learn different techniques by taking classes virtually or in person, reading books, or even using apps.

After exploring your options, incorporate what feels right to you.

Here’s an easy way to get started.

Sit in any position where you can align your spine with one vertebra on top of the other, supporting you (we are not looking for perfection, just alignment, and comfort).

Take a few deep breaths and begin to bring your awareness into your body.

Settle your mind into your body. Find your connection points, whether it’s your feet, forearms, hands, and/or bottom grounding you.

Keep some of your awareness on a connection point and bring the rest of your awareness to the gentle movement of your breath.

Your body and its senses are your anchors in the present moment, as they are always in the present moment.

Work to keep your awareness focused on your connection and your breath.

Whenever you find that your awareness has hopped on a train of thought, get off the train and come back to your anchors: breath and connection. You will do this over, and over, and over again – repeatedly coming back to the present moment is the practice of meditation.

The goal is to start to quiet the mind of its incessant chatter and start to gain control of where your awareness is focused, not on thought but in the present moment. By doing this, you become an active and conscious participant in your life.

During meditation, you are the observer, so witness the trains of thought going by but try not to get on board.

Another benefit of meditation is connection — connection to your higher-self, or your divine self that is one with everything, and connection to Source, meaning God, the great spirit, or divine intelligence.

This connection is the seat of love, peace, compassion, and joy. This connection or communion with self and the universe is where your prayer is most effective.

Ask the universe for what you want and need!

Ask for strength, wisdom, and clarity.

Ask to know your next right move.

Ask to know your worth, your blind spots, your love, etc.

Then sit quietly, without engaging in thought, and experience the warm hug that is your communion, your connection to your highest self and the greater-than spirit.

You can also practice being in the present moment many times throughout the day, using your meditative tools to guide you.

Try to only be in your head when you need to use your thinking brain for problem-solving, future projections, or taking an alternate perspective.

Otherwise, get out of your head as often as possible and focus your conscious awareness on the present moment via the senses in your body – sights, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations.

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