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Kathryn J

Amy C

Julia M – Oregon

“Kristina will not solve your problems for you. She will, however, empower you to hold the mirror up to yourself and see that the person you’ve so longingly searched for has been within you from the very beginning. I’ve known Kristina a number of years and throughout our professional and personal relationship she has always been astute in her feedback and wisdom.

I was in a particularly bleak rut and felt myself becoming paralyzed by self-doubt and complacency and decided I could no longer live with the toxic nature of my mindset. Kristina helped me open up my existential lens and look inward in order to move onward. This was a journey I was terrified to take but through Kristina’s immense empathy I feel like I have someone that is deeply committed to listening to me and willing to peel back the layers of trauma and time without judgment.

The goal with Kristina’s services is not to get you to the final realization, celebrate and move on. The true purpose of Kristina’s mentorship is for you to find contentment in the journey, introspection and forgiveness. How special it is to hold that space with someone like that. To know Kristina is a pleasure but to be coached by her is truly a gift.”

Laura MLaura M – Wisconsin

“Kristina Woida, as my life coach, offered an opportunity to convey what I wanted to change in my life, find real solutions, and create action plans that were tailored to my individual process. She is easy to connect with because she is connected to herself. That in turn made it easy for me to connect with my own self.

Kristina listened and soaked in everything I said. With this, she has the talent to hear what I said between my own words; what I really said about myself and my life. She offered keen insight to what I experienced and shaped ideas and concepts to help shift my mindset and attitude. This gave me a framework to build upon as I changed my life.

Working with Kristina as my life coach offered me positive and consistent accountability. I established healthy habits and routines in life that I didn’t even know I needed until she helped me map them out. She offered guidance and tools personalized for my growth. Kristina has a knack for describing situations and coaching that just clicks; I could immediately relate it to my own life. The best part about Kristina is that she is genuine and honest. I’m thankful for her as my life coach.”

Jacqueleen R – Oregon

“Kristina, thank you for being such an amazing coach. I love my sessions with you. They are healthy and you make me happy and more in-tune. All the years I had counselors, they were never even half as good as you are! So thankful you have helped me in my life. It has improved immensely because of the skills you have taught me.”

Darren T - OregonDarren T – Oregon

“Kristina is one of the most relatable and positive people I have met. Typically I’m not a great candidate for life coaching — stubbornness, bad habits, and a hectic schedule being the main reasons why I never seriously looked into life coaching as a viable way to organize my life.

Despite the hardships, once I reached out to Kristina she was there.

I appreciate having someone to confide in who never judges or scolds, but is still blunt enough to call you out when your actions may not align with goals you set or aspirations you express.

Kristina excels in formulating a plan of action, drafting important baby steps and providing nurturing and encouraging support and guidance along the way. When I first began meeting with Kristina I was going through a divorce, stuck in a job I hated, and paying more than double what I could afford to in living expenses. Kristina systematically helped me form a plan of action for myself, and assisted me along the way with constant encouragement, and in the time since we have worked together I have seen drastic positive changes not only in my life, but in the lives of the people around me, as well!

I’m proud of the emotional work I’ve accomplished, and know that I would not have gotten this far this quickly without Kristina’s help.”

Allyson S – Vermont

“If you’d like to uncover truths about yourself, get a clear path to a happier and educated self and have someone support you and keep you accountable, talk to this woman! In the time I worked with Kristina, my actions became more focused, deliberate and joyful. I did work on some behavior and thought patterns that were no longer serving me and understanding the source of these behaviors is sometimes all it takes to correcting them, and moving on… at least it was for me.

It is work, no one, not even the best of coaches can wave a magic wand and make your life better for you. But the good ones have the tools, knowledge and passion. And that is what Kristina brings to the table. Be ready t go deep and quick. It is the most worthy work you can do. She will help you meditate, get clear and you will leave each session feeling like you’ve got a better handle on the trajectory of your life in the micro and the macro.

The work that I did with Kristina will have positive reverberations for the rest of my life.–That is not fluff talk for a review, that is real talk! Want to create a better life for yourself based on your own discipline and knowledge of yourself? Talk to Coach Woida!”

Marco B – Oregon

“I loved having Kristina as my coach. From our very first session together I felt I could trust her. Over the course of our next twelve sessions I learned to trust myself more too. As much credit as I tried to give her for being a great coach, she’d turn the focus back to me insisting that it was me doing all the hard work here. Working with her, you’ll understand that she can’t help putting her clients first.

Here’s some context about what lead me to working with Kristina. I had recently started a new business and couldn’t tell if I was getting in the way of my own success. I had just moved to a new city while also moving on from an ending relationship all the while trying to figure out for myself how to feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Through all that searching and uncertainty, the one thing I hadn’t looked into yet was asking for help.

Kristina held the space for me to be vulnerable and explore my role in each of the situations I was working through. We brainstormed business strategies. Cried out some old emotional wounds. And learned to control and quiet unhelpful thoughts—especially the one that kept saying “you’re not enough”.

And while my work continues every day, I’m miles from where I started. And it feels great! I’m so grateful for my coach and friend, Kristina.”

Rene A – United Kingdom

“Kristina is an authentic person who connects with you on a level that instantly makes you feel at ease. She has a way of empowering you in a very short time. I’m talking, feeling like a whole different person after one session. She is as capable as she is empathic but never patronizes you. I have no reservations whatsoever in highly recommending Kristina as an excellent coach. She changed my life, she will yours too. Try her, you won’t regret it.”

Ashley SMaisie W – Vermont

“Kristina is so capable as a coach! She knows the terrain of what you need and can lay out the tools and offer the guidance that will put you in a new place and perspective, all while offering generous amounts of wisdom and the feeling that she has absolutely been where you are and is very invested in helping you move to a new place!”

Ashley – Oregon

“I’ve known Kristina for several years and when she told me she was starting a coaching business I knew that would be a great fit for her. She is great at connecting with people and helping to provide valuable resources and advice. I took her up on two free sessions for her start-up intro special and now I’m hooked! I didn’t realize how much I needed this!

When we met for our first session I was feeling very overwhelmed by the many things going on in my life in addition to feeling like I’m dropping the ball in many ways. I left that first session with a few very specific tasks and within one week literally felt like a new person. I made it a priority to fill my cup by taking time for myself and doing the things that I need to care for my body, mind and soul so that I could be a better resource for the people and things I care about. I wrote on a Post-it note and stuck it onto my computer “exercise makes me a better business owner a better wife a better mother and a better human.” I knew that it was true but really needed a kick in the butt to make it a priority and not feel guilty about taking that time for myself. I also learned how to redirect negative thoughts and be aware of my conscious state.

Our first session was mostly personal stuff and since then we’ve been working on my business goals. Because I own my own business, I don’t have a boss or anyone to hold me accountable. I am so wrapped up in the day to day it’s hard to take the time to actually think about some challenges and issues and come up with solutions and action items to complete them. Although Kristina is pretty aware about what I do and the inside details of my business she could’ve been just as helpful without that information.

I’ve really been happy with coaching with Kristina and appreciate her willingness to find the places that you’re blocked and deal with them in a logical way. She is really great at connecting and being a resource for helping you get through whatever challenges you’re facing. She has a way for simplifying and explaining things. So that they make sense using analogies and descriptive language.

I recommend anyone who is interesting in making moves towards a better life whether that means at home or at work or whatever – take the time to meet with her. She always follows up with an email with the action items so that you can feel good about getting things done and moving forward. In this day and age we are responsible for so many things, it can be overwhelming. It’s nice to have consistency and someone to help keep you on track. Thank you Kristina for all that you do!”

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